Black_Beauty.jpgBlack Beauty By Anna Sewell.
Black Beauty- The horse that this whole book is about.
Duchess- The mother of Black Beauty and Rob Roy.
farmer Grey- Black Beauty's mother's master who was very nice to Black Beauty and his mother was favored in him.
Dick- The plowboy who would throw sticks at Black Beauty and the other horses in the feild until he got caught
Rob Roy- Black Beauty's brother who was killed in a hunt for a hare.
Joe Green- a stable boy that gets Black Beauty sick while he was young, but then finds him when he is older and is very overjoyed.
Squire Gordan- Black Beauty's second master. He was very kind and so was the stable boy who worked there.
Merrylegs- the little horse in the stall next to Black Beauty. He and Black Beauty became the best of friends.
Ginger- The horse who bit the stable boy. At first she was mean but then she and Black Beauty became fond companions for each other.
John Manly- the coachman who was also very nice. The first time he rode Black Beauty, he spoke very highly of him.
James Howard- the stable boy who was very nice to Black Beauty and the others.
James- A stable boy who takes care of Ginger and Black Beauty.
Lord W- he buys Black Beauty and Ginger and is very kind to both of them.
Lady Anne- She is a woman who is a very good rider and most of the time rides Black Beauty, but once tries to ride Lizzie.
Lizze- Ahorse that gets so spooked that she runs off with Lady Anne on her back.
Lord W-------.- a nice man that John Manly knows who buts Black Beauty and Ginger adn treats them well.
Reuben Smith- a very good stable man, but drinks and then abuses Black Beauty and recks up his knees and kills himself.
Jerry Barker- a nice cab driver that buys Black Beauty. He is very nice adn doesnt drink, but gets very ill and cannot be a cab driver, so he is forced to sell Black Beauty.
Nickolas Skinner- he is a very harsh man who pays people to be a driver, and once was so mean that a man got killed from an illness caused by being outside in the cold wind
Farmer Thoughgood- the nice farmer that buys Black Beauty for 5 shillings and turns him into a young horse again.
Wille- Farmer Thoughgood's grandson that convinces him to buy Black Beauty.


Black Beauty grew up with a nice master and his mother in the feild. One day there were hunters hunting a hare and then one tried to make a jump and ended up killing himself and the horse. For some reason his mother seemed heartbroken. Soon it was time for his breaking in. HIs master did it very well and then he was sold. His mother told him to behave and not to kick. Even if he was mistreated, he was to do his best to please his master. Soon he came to his new home. He soon made friends with the other horses. Their names were Ginger and Merrylegs. Merrylegs was a pony and the mistress just adored him. Ginger, was a strong, beutiful horse. But she had a problem with biting and kicking. She had a very bad temper. Then the stable man came to test ride him. He then took him to the master and told the master that he was a very good horse. Then the master took him out and was very pleased. Then he and the mistress named him Black Beauty.
Soon he and Ginger were great friends. Then Black Beauty asked Ginger why she was the way she is. Ginger told him the story of how she had been abused and the reason that she bit and kicked when she was abused was to stand up for herself. Then one day Merrylegs went out with children and came back in and told them that he had kicked one of them off. Then he told why he had kicked them off. Soon the mistress got very sick. Black Beauty and John had to go as fast as they could to go and get the doctor. When they got the doctor he said that the mistress needed to get away from the city and go to the country for a few years. So that meant that the horses needed to be sold. Soon they were sold.

Ginger and Black Beauty were sold to this fine man. Ginger adn Black Beauty were very happy with their new owner. Their new owner's name was Lord W. He treated them very well, but his mistress made them use the beiring rein. Black Beauty and Ginger hated the beiring rein, and this was Black Beauty's 1st time ever using the beiring rein. One day they mistress made it go up so high that Ginger kicked and then never went into the carraige with Black Beauty ever again. Then one day Reuben Smith, the stable man., took Black Beauty out, stopped at a resturant and stayed out very late.Then he got drunk and one of Black Beauty's shoes came off and they were going on a gravle road. Reauben used the whip and made Black Beauty go so fast that a stone got stuck up in his foot and it was very painful. Black Beauty was in so much pain that he fell right on his knees and flung Reauben off. Reuben then died. Since Black Beauty's knees were so ugly, he had to be sold.

He got sold to this nice man named Jerry Barker. Jerry Barker never used a whip and was very kind. Then Jerry Barker got sick because these people made him and Black Beauty stay out in the cold while they partied. The doctor said that it will be a while until he recovered and if he wanted to live to be old, he would never go back to cab work. A nice lady that he knew, offered him a job with her and his family could stay there too. Then Black Beauty got sold to this man that wasnt very nice. He was harsh on his drivers which made the drivers harsh on thier horses. They used the whips alot and made the horses shed blood. Then one day, a huge load was put on Black Beauty's cart, and he had to go up a huge hill. His master put the beiring reain on and then kept his head up, which made it very hard to get up the hill. Then a lady came out and perswaded Black Beauty's driver to put it up, and then he got up the hill easily. Then a family at a statioin had a lot of luggage and also it was 5 people that Black Beauty had to pull. When they got to a hill he wasnt able to make it up the hill and he fell. Then he got sold. This nice old man and his grandson came and bouhgt him. Black Beauty was very happy there adn he felt that he was young again. Then, he died, but he felt that he was with his friends under the big oak tree again and he was happy.