1.The Face on the MIlk Carton : external image r?t=a&d=us&s=a&c=p&ti=1&ai=30751&l=dir&o=0&sv=0a5c4257&ip=4a4ef4e5&u=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.amazon.com%2Fimages%2FP%2F038532328X.01.MZZZZZZZ.jpgby Caroline B. Cooney
I liked how it was an intense mystery, but there were some parts that I didn't like. Over all I think that it was an okay book. This book is about a girl who finds her face on the milk carton reported missing. She is wondering how this occured. Along the way none of the clues fit together. But then she finds out the most shocking clue of all. Read this book to find out what happens.

  • 2.Sounder: by William H. Armstrongexternal image r?t=a&d=us&s=a&c=p&ti=1&ai=30751&l=dir&o=0&sv=0a5c4256&ip=4a4ef4e5&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tyler.sprnet.org%2FSchools%2FMoore%2FTeachers%2FHendrix%2Fpagesummaries%2FSounder_files%2Fimage002.jpg
This book is about a boy and how he and his dog get through the farming without his dad while his dad is away at a camp. I think that this book was boring and dragged on and on, but the ending turned out okay. Even though the ending was good, I still think that it was a boring book.
  • Shark_Girl.jpg
    3.Shark Girl: this book is about a girl who lost her arm and how she got through life. It is a very good book and i would reccomend you to read it. It tells all of her feelings and especially how she feels about it. She keeps asking herself why this happened to her, but then she realizes why this happened. I think that this was a great book. It taught how to appreciate yourself and to keep having hope.
external image 03280204_b001.jpg4.The Golden Goblet: by Elosie Jarbis McGraw.
This book is a about a boy who is living with his half brother and then finds out that he ahs been helping his brother steal gold and now he is planning to rob a tomb! Will ever make it to the palace to warn everyone in time? Read the book to find out. I thought that this was an okay book. At first it was pretty boring, and then it got better.

external image r?t=a&d=us&s=a&c=p&ti=1&ai=30751&l=dir&o=0&sv=0a5c4249&ip=a8a9319d&u=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.ecampus.com%2Fimages%2Fd%2F2%2F219%2F9780613242219.jpg5.This book is about a dad and his son and step-son that had a dream to go to the south pole. On their journey they make good friend and some foes. Will they make it to the pole? Will thye fail? Read this book to find out. I loved this book. It had suspense, love, friendship, comedy, and action.

external image r?t=a&d=us&s=a&c=p&ti=1&ai=30751&l=dir&o=0&sv=0a5c423e&ip=a8a9319d&u=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.amazon.com%2Fimages%2FP%2F0399243011.01.MZZZZZZZ.jpg6.This book is about a boy from Cuba that is living with his 17 year old brother in an apartment in NYC. He is an amazing baseball player but only 12 years old. He is so good that people don't beleive that he is 12 and he has no way to prove it because his birth certificite is in Cuba. Also his dad is dead so he has no gaurdian. Will he win the championshp for baseball. Will he not be able to play? Read this book to find out. I thought that this was a great book. It was funny and suspenseful. Over all I liked it alot.

external image r?t=a&d=us&s=a&c=p&ti=1&ai=30751&l=dir&o=0&sv=0a5c4256&ip=4528a546&u=http%3A%2F%2Fmembers.home.nl%2Flaroi-reinders%2FLiteratuur%2FPaulsen%2FVoyage%2520of%2520the%2520Frog_paulsen.jpg7.This book is about a boy who's uncle dies and wants his ashes scattered out in the sea. He also left him his boat, the Frog. While doing this David, the boy, gets caught in a storm and blown away hundreds of miles out to sea. With little food and clean water David has to make his way home. On the way he meets some friends that he will never forget. Will David make it home? Will he die at sea? This book to find out. I thought that this was a boring book. Some parts were okay, but over all it was a boring book.

external image OL3666752M-M.jpg

8.This book is about the crew that wanted to find the south pole but dind't and now they have to make their way home. With only row boats, little food and supplies, they have to make it across the ocean back to civilization. I loved this book, i liked how it kept me guessing and i didn't know what would happen nex.t Will the crew make it home? Will they all die in Anarctica? Read this book to find out. I thought that this book was better than the first one. It had more action and suspense than the first one. This was a great book.

the_curious_case_of_benjamin_button_cover.jpg9.This book is about a father whose wife finally has a baby. The he goes to see the baby and it turns out to be an eighty year old man! He doesn't want to take his son home, but the nurse makes him. Will he abandon his son? Will his son die soon? Read this book to find out! I thought that this was a strange book. I usally like strange books, but this one was too strange.Most of it was boring and weird. I did not like this book.

nancy_drew.jpg10.Nancy Drew: Dressed to Steal.
This book is about Swoon 2, a designer store that opens in River Heights. The owner of Swoon and Swoon 2 is Alica Adams, a girl who grew up in River Heights. On the day of the opening, the window got smashed and then that night it was vandilized. Nancy is on the case to figure out who vandilzed the store and why. Who was it? Will it stay a mystery forever? Read this book to find out. I loved this book. It was funny and had suspense. It kept me going. Over all it was a great book.

lily_series_lights_action_lily.jpg11.Lights, Action Lily!
This book is about Lily Robbins who is still trying to figure out who she is. When she gets picked to do a Shakespeare play, she thinks that it is her calling and gets down to work. When she finds out that she has to do it with her worst enyeme, Shad Shifferdecker, all of her hopes fall. Will she be able to do the play? Will shad ruin it all? Read this book to find out. I liked this book because it had alot of comedy and it showed how to express yourself. Over all it was a great book.

graveyard-book.jpg12. The Graveyard Book
This book is about a boy whose family was murdered. His name is Nobody Owens. (Bod)He was also suppose to be murdered but now he is living with the spirts of the graveyard. Since they gave him the freedom of the graveyard, he can see in the dark and fade and dreamwalk and haunt and see the ghosts. He must stay in the graveyard or the man Jack will come and kill him. The man Jack is the man who killed his family. Will Bod live? Will the man Jack come and find him? Read this book to find out. I loved this book. It had all of my favorited things that i like in a book, action, comedy, love, friendship, murder and death, and strange parts. I loved this book. This is my FAVORITE BOOK EVER!

fireflies_in_december.jpg13.Fireflies in December.
This book is about a girl who is friends with her parents slave family. Then the house of the slaves burns down and only the little girl survives. So her family takes her in even though she is colored, This tells how they deal with everyone talking about the white family that took in the colored girl. This takes place in the 19 hundreds. I liked this book. It talks about how to stand up for what you beleive in. It also tlaks about a great friendship. Over all it was a great book.

lily_speaks.jpg14.Lily Speaks!
This book is about a girl named Lily who is in 7th grade. She and one of her best friends Suzy get chosen for a speech contest. At first it was just playful competitive spirt, but then their other friends start to take sides. Soon it turns into war. Will Lily win? Will Suzy win? Read this book to find out! I liked this book alot. I liked how it told how not to let a little contest get in the way of friendship. It tells that being competitive isn't bad, but not to let it get out of hand. Over all it was a great book.

Lily_Rules.jpg15.Lily Rules!
This book is about how Lily gets voted for class president. Then she starts getting the classmates what they want. Soon she forgets about her friends and gets so caught up in the moment that things start to go wrong. Will Lily get voted out of office? Will she keep everything in order? Read this book to find out. I thought that this was a great book. It tells about how not to let things get in the way of friendship. And it also says that if you make new friends don't forget the old. Over all it was a great book.

the_phantom_tollbooth.jpg16.The Phantom Tollbooth : Norton Juster
This book is aobut Milo who can never make up his mind and then one day finds a tollbooth. Then he goes and gets into an adventure to rescue 2 princesses. Will he make it? Will he be a failure? Read this book to find out. I thought that this was a great book. I would recommend this book to someone that likes adventure books

Black_Beauty.jpg17.By Anna Sewell.
This book is about a horse who has to go througha lot of troubles. He gets sold to about 5 different people in his life and then he has to leave his friends. He gets abused, tortured, loved, and cared for in his life. I thought that this book was sort of boring, but kind of interesting. One thing that i liked about it was that it took place in the old days. Over all it was an okay book. I might recommend this book to afew people, but not ones that get bored really easily.

cover--lilys_in_london.gif18.This book is about Lily and how she has to move to london. She is trying to find herself and such. Wilil she finally find out who she is? Will she make new friends? Read this book to find out. I thought tha tthis book was good, but boring. I would reccommen this book, but not to someone who gets bored easily.

drewpc21a.jpg19.This book is about Nancy and she is trying to find this one guys son's lost music that would make the man very rich. But then she is trying to solve another mystery, and then she finds a burgaler and hears a secret piano. Will she find the music? Will it be lost forever? Read this book to find out. I loved this book! I was full of mystery, action, suspense, and fun. I would definatley reccommend this book to others.

SecretGarden.jpg20.This book is about a girl who goes to live with her uncle. She is very bratty and has no friends. Then she becomes move lively and fun. Then she finds this secret garden that once belonged to her aunt. then She hears cryign in the night. Is someone hurt? Will she be able to make the garden look nice? Read this book to find out. I liked this book. I liked this book.I thought that it taught a good lesson and message. I would reccommend this book to anyone who is sad and needs to read a good book.

narnia_princecaspian.jpg21.Prince Caspian: C.S. Lewis

This book is about a prince whos uncle wants him killed. They are the Telemarines who took over Narnia. Prince Caspian loves to hear the stories of old Narnia and its rulers. Soon he gets the chance to call them back to fight against his evil uncle who declared himself King. Will they win? Will the Kings and Queens of Old come back to save the day? Read this book to find out. I thought that this was a great book. I loved all of the action and suspense. I also loved how it taught about how to get along. I loved how lots of people died and I loved the violence. Over all this was a great book and I would reccommend this book to people.

puppet.jpg22. This book is about Nancy Drew who is a detective
. A friend of hers is having trouble. He and his wife have a little theater, but every night a mysterious puppet comes out and starts dancing. He is scared theat it may hurt him or the theater. Nancy is on the case to find out who, or what is controlling this puppet. Will she find out who it is? is the puppet a real human? Read this book to find out. I liked this book. It had humor, suspense, and action. I would reccommend this book to people who like mysteries.

ashleys.jpg23. The Ashleys: Melissa de la Cruz
This book is about the most popular girls at Miss Gamble's prep school for girls. All three of them are named Ashley. They are very mean and they rule the school. Then, in 7th grade there is a new name in school. Her name is Lauren Page, she has always been a victim of the Ashleys and now she is all new. Her plan is to become one of the Ashleys, and then destroy them. But are the Ashleys too smart for her? Will she finally destroy the bullies of Miss Gamble's Prep School for girls? Read this book to find out. I loved this book. It was exciting and dramatizing. I loved when the girls went shopping and played the prank at the sleepover. I would definatly reccommend this book to a GIRL!

24.The Strange Message in the Parchment: Caroline Keene
This book is about detective Nancy Drew. Her friend, who lives on a lamb farm, invites her over. Then her rude neighbor comes over in a horrible mood. They look at a picture which he sold to them, and then realize that there is a story behind it. But what is the story? And does the neighbor have a reason for wanting to buy it back? Read this book to find out. I liked this book. It was boring at parts, but i loved the ending and such. I would reccommend this book.

mystery_of_the_brass_bound_trunk.jpg25.Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk; Caroline Keene
This book is about detective Nancy Drew. She and her friends are just about to leave for a cruise, when a mother of one of the girls in the group which they are traveling with says that either they dont go or she will withdraw her daughter from the trip. So they end up going by themselves on the same boat, and then Nancy's trunk goes missing. Then when they find it, they find out that another girl has the exact one! Will the mother find out about Nancy? Will her trunk get mixed up again? Read this book to find out. I thought that this was a good book. It had disguises, like when the boy really turned out to be a girl. I liked the suspense and such. I would recco

.26.That Summer: Sarah Dessen
This book is about 15 year old haven who has a very hard life. Everything was perfect once, but then things went bad. Her father and mother got a divorce, her father got remarried, and now they are expecting a kid. Then her sister is getting married to this ugly, goody- two- shoes guy, and she is5'11 and still growing. Her best friend is now boy obsessed. She needs some help. Then an old family friend comes and tries to make everything better.i liked this book, though some parts were boring or weird. I would reccommend this book to someone who likes romance and reality things.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg27.Down a Dark Hall: Lois Duncan
This book is about Kit Gordy. She is a girl who gets sent away to a boarding school called " Blackwood". There are only girls at the school. Kit can sense this evil thing about Blackwood. She and her friends all of the sudden get these talents that they never had before. Soon they cant stop themselves. Then they ask the head mistress and she tells them that the spirits of people who were amazing artists, poets, muscisians, and mathmagicains are taking over their minds and are getting there work into the world through them. They need to escape, but they are locked in their rooms and the gate is locked. How will they do it? Read this book to find out. i thought that this was a good book. I liked the suspense and such. But i must say that it was a WEIRD and POINTLESS book. Overall it was okay