1. What are Newton's three laws of motion?

2.force= mass x acceleration

3. every action has an equal and oppisite reaction

2. Nucleus- the brain of the cell
3. Chloroplast- where photosynthesis takes place in the cell
4. Cell Wall- gives it the box like shape
5. Vacuole- stores water, food, and wastes
6. Mitochondria- is the powerhouse of the cell
7. Endoplasmic recticulum- it is the extension of the nucleus
8. Nuclear membrane- it protects the nucleus
9. Lysosomes-break down things such as food and wornout cells
10. Ribosomes-they produce proteins
11. Golgi Bodies- send and receive materials
12. Cell membrane- protects the cell
13. compound-a substance in which two or more elements are chemically joined
14. Mixture- two or more substances not chemically combined
15. Element-a substance composed of a single kind of atom
16. What is the equation for speed?-distance divided by time
17. What is the equation for force?- Force= mass x acceleration
18 Fill out the foloowing chart:

Diagram of the particles
definate, definate, ooooo slow

takes shape of container, definate, 0 0 0 0

takes shape of container, indefinate, 0 0 0 0 fastest

19. What are the first ten elements in order from 1- 10? hydrogen, helium, lithium, beriylium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, flourine, and neon.,

20. What goes into photosynthesis? and what comes out of photosynthesis?
in- carbon dioxide and sun and h2o. out- glucose and oxygen
21. List the parts of a rocket and tell what each one does.
stablizind fins- keep the rocket going in a straight path
body tube- main structure of a rocket
shock chord- attaches the nose cone and body tube
nose cone- gives it aerodynamics
engine block- keeps the engine in place
recovery system- slows the rockets decent to the earth
launch lug- guides the rocket during take-off

22. What is the continental drift theory?
all continents were once joined ( Pangea) and have drifted to their current location and continue to move