Mass-the amount of matter in an object
Weight-the amount of gravity pushing on a object.
Force-a push or a pull
Gravity-the attractive force that pulls an object towards another object.
Friction-when 2 objects rubbing together in oppisite directions.
Inertia-an object at rest will stay at rest or an object in motion will stay in motion until a force acts upon it.
Momentum-mass x velocity
Velocity-2 things speed and direction
Centrifugal Force-holds an object in a circular path
Centripetal Force-a force that makes an object travel in a circle.
Work-applying a force to make an object move.
Energy-the ability to do work
Potential Energy-stored energy
Kinetic Energy- energy that you can see.
Inclined Plane-is a flat surface that is raised so one end is higher than the other.
Pulley-is a chord/rope wrapped around a wheel or series of wheels.
Wedge-2 inclined planes back to back
Lever-is a bar that rests on a fulcrum
Screw-is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder or cone.
Wheel and Axle-a lever attached to a bar
Compound Machines-a combination of more 1 simple machine
Isaac Newton- the man that made the 3 laws of motion

Describe the Following Concepts

Newtons 3 Laws

1. a object in motion will stay in motion and a object at rest will stay at rest until a force acts upon it.

2. force= mass x acceleration

3. every action has an equal and oppisite reaction

Three types of Levers

1. 1st class

2. 2nd class

3. 3rd class