The following are the terms that you need to know:

Dalton’s 6 ideas

1. Atoms cannot be broken into smaller pieces
2. Atoms of different elements are different
3. in any element, all the atoms are the same
4. Atoms can combine to form compounds
5. All emements have a unique mass
6. The mass of elements in a compound are always in constant ratio

Physical properties

The way something looks

Chemical Properties

The makeup of a substance... what atoms it is made of

Boiling Point
The temperature a liquid boils

Melting Point
The temperature a solid melts

Physical changes
Changes that change the way a substance looks.

Chemical changes
Changes the substance into something completely different.

Elements chemically combined

Two or more solutions NOT chemically combined

A well mixed mixture

A specific type of atom

The smallest particle of matter

Called atoms atomos and was one of the first people to believe atoms existed.