leprechaun.gifST. Patrick's Day in my Classroom!

One day, my classroom was in a mess!. We had just gone to lunch when we came back to a mess! There were footprints all over, Though, they were very small and suspious, we knew what they were from. It was obivous that they were form a leprechaun. After all, it was St. Patrick's day. Soon we found a note on Mr. Halpainy's computer. it said " Ask your dad, ask your mom, you'll never catch me, I'm the leprechaun!" Soon we all went on a search. Then Alexis pointed out that there was roinbow ouside. Then we all started at a run. Soon we made it to the end. The, a little squirrel came out. And on its back was no one but the Leprechaun! Peyton was so mad at the leprechaun that she tried to kick it, but missed and kicked Makayla in the shin. So now Makayla ias hopping around in pain while Peyton is rubbing her toes. Then Alexis started to yell at the leprecaun. " What were you thinking? That you could just go and mess up our classroom and get away with it?" Then the leprechaun said " I thought that you wanted me to. All of the little kids like it when the leprechaun mess up their room, but now all of the teachers do it before i can get there. So i thought that I could do it this year." The leprechaun started to cry. " Sorry" said Alexis " I never thought of it that way. You can come and mess up our classroom any time you like." So Alexis and the leprechaun became friends, exchanged phone numbers and addresses and then we all went back to the classroom. And that is what it was like on St. Patrick's day in my classroom.