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Integers- The Positive and Negative Whole Numbers, Negatives and Positives are Opposites. Ex. -3, 2, 7, -9

Absolute Value- How Many Places the Number is From Zero on the Number Line.

Coordinate System- Two Intersecting Number Lines Used to Graph Things.

X-Axis- The Line on the Graph Going East to West.

Y-Axis- The Line on the Graph Going North to South.

Origin- The Point Where the X and Y Axis Cross.

Quadrant- There are 4 Quadrants in a Coordinate System. They Help Describe Point's Locations.

Ordered Pair- The Two Numbers that tell where to Plot a Point.

-6 + (-8)= -14

-5+7= 2

3+15= 18

12-18= -6

4-(-7)= 11

-12•( -7)= 84

11•(-8)= -88

-3•2= -6


12/-3= -4

-15/5= -3

Commutative Property- Going Back and Forth will be the Same

Associtative Property- Grouping Symbols, can be Moved without Changing the Problem

Identity Property- It Doesn't Change Anything

Multiplicative Inverse ( Reciprocal)- Flip the Fraction to get it.

Distributive Property- To Give Evenly
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