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1.Problem Solving Plana. Read and Understand.b. Make a Plan.c. Solve the Problem.d. Look Back. 2. Frequency Table:A Table that Organizes Data into Intervals3. Histogram:A Graph where Data is Broken into Intervals4. Numercal ExpressionA Mathmatical Statement using Numbers and Operations5. EvaluateFind the Answer6. Order of Operations. Tells the Order in which we should Evaluate a Numerical Expression*Example: 5•(18-2)+(14+4)/6+3-2•4+95•(16)+ (18) / 6 + 3 - 2 •4 + 980 + 3+3 - 8 + 983+ 3 - 8 + 986 - 8 + 978+ 9877: AlgebraThe Area of Math in which we use Letters8. Variable:A Letter that takes Place of a Number9. Variable ExpressionAn Expression that Contains Numbers, Variables, and at least One Operation.10. ExponentHow many of the Base to Multiply11. BaseThe Number that is being Multiplied12. PowerWhen a Product is Written as a Base with an Exponent13. SquaredA Number Multiplied by itself 2 times14. CubedA Number Multiplied by itself 3 times15. EquationA Math Sentence that has an Equal Sign16. Solving an EquationFind the Number that makes the Equation True 17. SolutionThe Number that makes the Equation TrueP-10 = 818 - 10 = 818. FormulaAn Equation that Relates 2 or more Quantities19. PerimeterThe Sum of all of the sides of a Shape20. AreaThe Space Inside of a ShapeSampleBarGraph.jpg