The Disney movie “Pocahontas”, is a loving, fun tiled children’s movie. However, it isn’t as accurate as you would think. They didn’t use all of the characters or events.
I think that Disney wanted to make this historical time in history into a children friendly movie. However, they were not very accurate with their characters appearances. John Smith was an old lad, with a beard and such. But in the movie they made him out to be a young, adventurous soul, who came to find gold and glory. And the movies said that all he did was tour and explore the world. But actually, John Smith he mapped, explored, and many other things. He was a great help on the exploration, but on the way to the new land, he was put into custody for attempting to plan a mutiny. In the movie, it said that John smith and Pocahontas fell in love, and later on got married. But in real life Pocahontas actually married John Rolfe.
The movie told that Pocahontas was tall, pretty, was high spirited, and just wanted to have fun. She, in real life, was a warrior and her people believed in her. In the movie it says that her mother died, but actually she lived in a different village, and she had other kids. Pocahontas, however, was her father’s favorite. She married the English man, John Rolfe. She was one of the most looked up to people in her tribe.
Governor John Ratcliffe, was the leader of the expedition. In the movie, he was a big guy, who was all fancy. He was greedy and only wanted the gold. He hated the natives and was very mean. He was bossy and conceited.