Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.neti love jessica nagle!!!!!

GUESS WHAT! I got a dog! Her name is Jessie!!!!!!!!! I ♥♥♥♥♥ Jessie!( But i still do love pugs! So you can still go to Anna's Pug Page and vote!)


Hi, this is my wiki. My name is Anna and i am in sixth . I go to Racutest_pug_ever!.jpgndolph Central School!
. I have 4 best friends. Their names areJessica, Peyton, Alexis, and MORGAN!. My hobbies are singing, acting,skiing, volleyball, softball, and swimming. My favorite subjects in school are science and social studies. My favorite color is lime green. I have a older brother named Ryan. He likes to play golf and football. I have a sister named Allison. She likes to sing and play vollyball. My mom is a nurse practitioner. She is very good at it. My dad and grandpa own a buisness.